Donation Methods

I really appreciate any support since it allows me to devote more time to open source projects. There are lots of ways to support me listed below, even some that don't cost you any money. Of course if you can't afford to donate, just using and sharing my software is great. Thank you.


You can support me directly with subscriptions through my store here.

You can also tip me directly using Cash App here.

Cryptocurrency Methods

The first two buttons use Coinbase Merchant which (as of June 2020) supports BTC, BCH, DAI, ETH, LTC and USDC. The only difference between the buttons is if you want to provide your email. While I don't currently have any reason for a mailing list, in the future if I started one (never more than once a month and likely less) you would be automatically on it. Of course, if I really had a serious need for one, I'd probably end up using a service that streamlines the process anyway. Update September 2020, for whatever reason the buttons might not work the way they should (load forever in my browser), so I've included equivalent links below (or just right click the buttons and open in new tab).

With email

No email

Here's a regular address that I use

Please Donate To Bitcoin Address: 1LmRgWJfhiYVf3oXfFZC4wtBrHbHLiVqVP

Other Payment methods

Free Methods (affiliate and referral links)

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