Invent With Python ported to PySDL2


This is a project aiming to port all the code/games from the book "Making Games with Python & Pygame" by Al Sweigart from pygame to PySDL2.


Well, I'm mostly a C/C++ programmer and I use SDL2 for my games/demos and I wanted to be able to prototype in python with a library that'd make it very easy to go from that to C. PySDL2 does have some great convenience classes/API's in the sdl2.ext, but it's not hard to look into the source and see what they're actually doing. In addition it has the sdl2 module, which is a straight 1:1 wrapper of SDL2, as well as 1:1 wrappers of SDL2 libraries like SDL2_mixer, SDL2_gfx and SDL2_ttf. This design also makes using PySDL2 a great way to learn the SDL2 API and related libraries in general.

Another advantage of PySDL2 is that it's public domain/CC0/zlib instead of LGPL.

Look here for more details on the differences between Pygame and PySDL2


I've ported 10 of the projects, though the first 4 hardly count being so simple, or in the case of tetromino for idiots, only a few lines different from tetromino. They all (should) work with python 2.7 and python 3.x though I think I may drop python 2 in the future. They're mostly straight ports not redesigns/reimplementations, so it's easy to compare/learn (I've left all the pygame versions in the repo). In other words, I keep as much of his functions/code structure as possible. I have about 7 more games to go and various improvements in the first half and general maintenance.

One other thing to note. I am using a local copy of PySDL2 with 1 change, modifying SpriteRenderer.render() behavior. I've changed it so that it does not call SDL_RenderPresent/SDL_UpdateWindowSurface. I've created an issue to discuss the design/behavior of that function and why it should change, but even if the change is merged I'll keep a local copy in the repo for convenience and because I'll change/add other minor things.


All original content/code is copyrighted by Al Sweigart and as you can see at the top of his py files, is BSD licensed. All my code is public domain, fallback to MIT/BSD. I may change/expand/formalize the fallback later but take it, do whatever you want with it, is the gist if public domain doesn't work obviously.


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