This is going to be a repository of modern (3.3/4.x) OpenGL programs. Most of these will be either exploring/demonstrating concepts or be framework/template programs for starting new projects.

There are better repositories of modern OpenGL programs to use for learning because they're more complete/organized, they go with a book etc. However, this is mostly for my own personal use/code and will be constantly changing. Writing a bunch of OpenGL programs will also force me to learn glm and finish my own OpenGL math/helper code.


Get the source from Github.

I'll try to maintain a table/list of programs here. Maybe I'll split them up by category (templates/frameworks, feature examples, demos, "games") later. Those listed use my own math library, rsw_math, but there are glm versions as well, ie glm_modelviewer.cpp.

Program Description Image
ex1.c Hello Triangle ex1
ex2.c Hello Interpolation ex2
gears.c Classic gears demo. Switch between polygon modes with p. gears
ex3.cpp Load a model from ./media/models. Switch between Gouraud and Phong shading with s. Switch between polygon modes with p. ex3
ex4.cpp Switch between textures with 1, filtering modes with f, zoom/rotate with arrow keys ex4
grass.cpp Based on example in superbible, uses flying controls, WIP grass
point_sprites.c Point Sprite example, uses multitexturing and discard keyword in fragment shader to "disolve" textured point. point_sprites
sphereworld_color.cpp Based on SphereWorld example from SB with ADS lighting, moving/rotating objects, with flying controls. sphere_world_color
flying.cpp Template with 6DOF flying controls ala Descent. Mouse + WASDQE + LShift + Space flying
left_handed.cpp OpenGL is left handed. left_handed

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