New Project

February 4, 2016 python pysdl2

So I updated my website yesterday(I know it still needs a lot of work I'm not a web developer) and I added several project pages including a new one.

I've been wanting to learn PySDL2 for a while now and a couple months ago I finally had the motivation to start. To learn it I decided to port all the games (and other programs) from "Making Games with Python & Pygame" by Al Sweigart.

Al Sweigart, if you haven't heard of him, has 4 python books and all of them are available for free online along with the source code. I encourage you to check them out,

I got a little less than half way done before I felt comfortable enough to move on, starting my own simple games. Soon after I was on vacation with family for about 10 days during the holidays so by the time I got back it was even less on my mind and I haven't touched it since.

I've added a README and released what I have to Github/Bitbucket because I think it'll be useful to people. I'm thinking about starting a small crowdfunding campaign, probably on indiegogo, to motivate me to finish it if there's enough interest.

Anyway the project page is here for those interested.

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